Rumours and Speculation? Xbox720 or PS4 ?

On January 10, 2012, in Xbox 360, by gamersguides

Sony Playstation 4 Rumour's and Speculation?  Xbox720 or PS4 ?

Will the new PS4 or Xbox720 be revealed at E3? The net is on fire with rumour's rife that these two consoles will make their debut at E3 in 2012. Apparently third-party developers have been informed by Sony that its newest console will not 'be behind its competitors'. This reinforces Playstation's European boss, Jim Ryan's comments "who said late last year that it would be “undesirable” for the PS4 to come out “significantly later” than its competitors."

Microsoft have also found it hard to keep their plans secret and it has been a while since a 'new' console has been released and time is precious is the gaming world, technology is constantly changing so console designers believe they need to keep up with these latest trends.

Here is a quote from MCV, Michael French, who elaborated that (new consoles being released) “This is very credible. Even if we don't see the hardware itself, or know a price or date, key publishers and developers are expecting some nod towards what direction PS4 will take at E3 this year. Sony isn't stupid – it knows that if Microsoft is planning to also say something about its next console, it can't be left behind.”

As far as release dates are concerned, there are plenty of rumours around including those above, both systems are still selling well, which implies there is no need to bring new hardware onto the market and there has been no credible information regarding either console- all pure speculation and rumour.

Whether we need new consoles or not, the big three will continue to introduce new hardware almost forcing gamers to shell out big bucks for new technology when just perhaps the current gear is more than adequate for what gamers expect and want.


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