Mega Servers…Mega what??

On August 9, 2011, in Online Gaming, by gamersguides

DC UniverseMega Servers – Sony Online Entertainment

Sony Online Entertainment have begun the process of consolidating player population for DC Universe Online. This will involve moving players onto 4 mega servers making it easier for players to find friends to play with. There will be four Mega servers : One for US PC players, one for US PS3 players, one for Euro PC players, and also one for Euro PS3 players. There are currently 26 game's servers.

Benefits of combining the 26 servers down to 4 are as follows:

Much larger populations; much larger pool of players to join in Alerts, Duos, Raids, Legends,etc; much easier to play with friends who were previously located on other servers, and there will be a much larger number of items in the Broker.

Watch out for some drawbacks though:

"We have implemented the fairest system possible to determine which players would be able to retain their name without change," Sony said. "Those players whose names have been changed will be sent an in-game email which includes a free Name Change token and instructions as to how to change your name if you do not wish to keep the name assigned to you by the system. We know that your character names are important to you and if there are any issues our Customer Support Group will be happy to assist you," Sony said.

The Mega servers are expected to be operational by 8th August, and considering this is a massive operation expect downtime in the order of approximately 10-14 hours.


Source: DCUniverseOnline

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